VoIP (Voice Over IP)

Voice communications are the heartbeat of any company and without phones your company suffers in terms of the business it can conduct. Anyone with a phone system in a company environment will understand and be able to relate the immense cost, a fully functional phone system with all the features can cost. VoIP is designed to offer these abilities and functions at a fraction of the cost.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest telecommunications technology, and is rapidly approaching the level of industry standard within the next 12months. Since BT announced 21st century networks in April 2006 the VoIP industry has accelerated at a phenomenal rate and SpiritIT are available with some of the leading VoIP technologies ready for implementation into client companies as the new driving force in company communications.

VoIP differs from conventional telecoms technology by having its features based on the handset or by the user as appose to by the system, that way you only pay for the functions you require on a per user basis instead of a per system basis, making VoIP a fraction of the cost to setup, and with VoIP being a versatile platform you can work from anywhere in the world by simply plugging your phone into an existing broadband connection, without any extra costs. VoIP handsets also have the ability to have individual voicemail, call recording, call transfer, to name but a few all as standard and at a nominal cost to that of conventional telephony costs.