Pay as You Go

Stay in control of your IT budget with Pay As You Go Support services from SpiritIT.

Billed in 15 minute increments, just top-up your account as and when you have the requirement.

Call us now to discuss your requirements.

Why Pay As You Go?

Whatever your issue, be it large or small, our Pay As You Go IT support service delivers

all of the technical know how and commitment you’d expect from a contract service.

With Pay As You Go IT support you can:

    • Top up your credits in 15-minute increments
    • Buy credits as and when required
    • Credits cover everything you’d expect from a contract IT support service
    • Full telephone support direct to our friendly and courteous technical experts
    • Full Virtual Support giving us direct access to fix the device at fault
    • Comprehensive on-site technical support
  • Service includes everything from fault finding and fixing to software installation,
  • hardware installation and consulting