IT audits can be complex and time consuming, especially if you don’t know where to start.

We can complete your IT audits for you, saving you time now and money in the long run.

We’ll work with you to define the subject, objective, scope, planning and reporting of your IT Audits, and can complete one for these topics:

Software License Audits – the licensing of software is a major aspect of any IT Infrastructure – yet many company directors are unaware they are directly accountable for license infringement and can be held personally responsible with large fines or even imprisonment imposed for breach of software regulations.

Anti-Virus Audits – with Work From Home (WFH) here to stay, your business is more exposed to viruses than ever thanks to your staff logging in from home rather than a secure office. If you don’t have an Anti-Virus policy, now is the time to write one (with our help of course) and ensure your business is fully protected. We can audit, disinfect, install and train users on using and following anti-virus policies.

Backup Recovery Audits – power outages, network failures and worse disasters can befall your servers and wipe your data, especially when you’re not in the office to provide an immediate solution. Protect your valuable data – and also prevent leaks that could expose you to fines – by working with us to perform an audit and conduct on or off-site backups, site mirroring and more.

Nework Performance Audits – ensure 100% uptime and continuous connectivity with a Network Performance Audit. Whether local or widespread, we can analyse your bandwidth and provide you with a detailed report of your network performance.