Software License Audits —– Licensing of software is a major aspect of any IT Infrastructure – yet many company directors are unaware they are directly accountable for license infringement and can be held personally responsible with large fines imposed for breach of software regulations. Spirit IT offer full desktop/server audits for software licensing, don’t leave your license open to chance, contact us for more information


Anti-virus Audits—– Has your company an Anti – Virus policy? – As the use of Internet and e-mail is so common its not the only sources used to transport viruses – freeware, home users bringing USB devices into work, even self created music CD’s can contain virus’s – every business needs a suitable and manageable anti-virus solution to ensure their network and data is not left venerable. We can audit, disinfect, install and train users on using and following anti-virus policies.


Backup Recovery Audits —– Is it SAFE! In the event of a disaster, data loss or total system loss, an organisation’s only source of information may be the full system or data backups. Tapes are no longer the first point of recall as often they are proven to be unreliable. We offer a number of Data backup services from off-site backups, too external hard drives too mirroring off entire infrastructures. Hard drives are in one of two states…. Dead or dying so ensure your data is backed up is in the best of care and been well looked after.


Network Performance Audits —– Identifying network performance and bandwidth issues can be difficult and time consuming and is increasingly crucial due to the costs of wide area and infrastructure connections. We offer network performance analysis and application bandwidth analysis on local and wide area networks. We aim to keep you connected all of the time at peak performance!