About us

SpiritIT is an IT company with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. SpiritIT is a company like no other, we deliver TOTAL IT to all our clients. Not just one aspect, such as repairs, or support, we provide, products like Virtual IT Manager, provide support and advice on all aspects of an IT environment.

As well as telecommunications, Networks, E-mail, Internet, consumables, design, implementation to name but a few!

We are a one stop company who provide virtually everything in IT for virtually everyone; and with all sizes of company covered it doesn’t matter if you’re a home user, one-man-band, working from home, small to medium sized company with constant expansion and diversification, or a corporate with multi sites.

We can provide support and services for you, so there’s no need to deal with 4 or 5 companies to cover all your IT and communication needs, just deal with us, we make life simpler and make I.T. work