Top 10 tips to protect your computer and work safely from home.

Working from home opens you up to all sorts of security risks you would not face in the office.

Follow the tips below to make sure that it is not you who accidentally exposes all the company sensitive data, leaks plan to a competitor or reveals information you would like to keep as private.

  1. Protect your device(s) with an antivirus solution.
  2. Have a decent Router/firewall.
  3. Keep your systems and programs up to date.
  4. Only download software and applications from trusted sources.
  5. Use a browser you can trust. Avoid visiting dodgy sites.
  6. Configure strong Wi-Fi encryption.
  7. Use a VPN if connecting to Wi-Fi networks that don’t belong to you. Do not trust public Wi-Fi.
  8. Change your router’s default login and password. Keep all your passwords save, Use a password safe program
  9. Lock your device before walking away.
  10. Be careful when sharing your screen.

Read about some screen sharing mistakes to avoid on a Microsoft website

If you have any questions and would like to make sure your systems are running safely over the festive season, just give us a call 0330 3636363.

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